Top 3 Mobile Games to Play in 2018

Welcome to my top 3 list of mobile games to play in 2018. Mobile games are great for so many reasons. For instance, they keep you occupied during boring moments. While waiting for bus in the bus station, you can keep yourself busy with latest games. There are different games for virtually all personalities. Whether you are a chef, fashion enthusiast or a soccer fanatic, you are covered.

This is not an article for talking about different types of mobile games. Neither is it an article for documenting game tutorials. However, the article thus covers top games you should play in 2018.

Tops Rated Games to Play

mobile games to play

Asphalt 8

asphalt 8 game

The asphalt 8 mobile game is a MUST played game for all car fanatics. Especially those that love driving and navigating traffic at high speed. It is also a game that all fans of popular Fast and Furious movie would love.

In the game, you are given different options, racing tracks and car brands. Initially, you are given a default car with moderate configurations. However, there are other cars with advanced configuration which you can upgrade to. Upgrading to more durable and fast racing cars require money. Money in Asphalt 8 can only be acquired when you win in a race.

So, that means that you must achieve several racing victories to upgrade your vehicle. One of my all-time favorite features in asphalt 8 is the high definition graphics. The HD graphics give high realistic gaming experience that’s second to none. So, it is not surprising why asphalt 8 made it to the list of best games worth playing in 2018.

FIFA 2018

FIFA 2018 mobile-game

FIFA mobile game has a long history. There has been many versions. Today, the current version is the 2018 version which is available for downloading in game stores. It is obvious the category of gamers that FIFA 2018 is meant for. Any soccer fanatics will easily fall in love with this game.

The 2018 version features top players in the English and European Leagues. Just like the Asphalt 8 game, the FIFA 2018 is also a High Definition Game. The graphics are real that players have striking resemblance as in real life.

FIFA 2018 comes packed with many features and gaming mode. Tournament, world cup, English Leagues etc. are some of the game modes you expect to explore.

The controls in FIFA game is a bit confusing at first. But after repeated practice, you should be more comfortable. Also, you can hook the phone to wireless game pads and pair them via Bluetooth.

Car Parking

Street Car Parking 3D

My third mobile games to play in 2018 is the popular car parking mobile-game. Now, car parking is intended for specific categories of people. The first category are those currently undergoing driving lessons. Anyone learning to drive can improve their skill by constantly playing car parking. Car parking has lots of features and complicated parking spaces. These complicated parking space are mean develop your car navigation skills. The second category of people that car parking is meant for are for those seeking to improve their driving skills. If you are not comfortable with your current driving skill, we highly recommend the game. It will sure help you anticipate road detours and adjust properly.

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